At-Home BootyCamp



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The ultimate workout guide for booty gains at home home! My most in-depth + best-selling guide, BootyCamp, totally adapted to be done at home. This guide focuses on building your booty while not bulking the legs, and also includes workouts targeting toning & tightening the abs, shaping your upper body & burning fat, every single week. It’s a 4 week workout guide, with 4 days a week of workouts. This guide also includes sections on how to select the right weights, my go-to tips for maximizing booty gains, how to make a mind-to-muscle connection, the booty activators I swear by, how to stretch and recover post-workout, eating for booty gains, and more! This guide can be fully done at home with the following equipment: Booty Bands, ankle weights, a bench (or stable chair), mat, and dumbbells.

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